Lovorth Events + Media




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Brenda Er Partner, Filmmaker

“I believe in pushing boundaries with clients and creating a space for people to be themselves. Being human is the most important thing in anything that we do.”



Melvin Er Partner, Events Director, Emcee

“I don’t believe in a one-for-all solution, because every event has a purpose and behind this purpose lies a story. Communicating stories in a powerful and convincing way is what we do best.”



Jasmine Teh Photographer, Filmmaker

"On capturing the perfect moment: It's easy to take things at face value. Dig a little deeper, and be patient. The moment may arise anytime now, so we must trust the process, and prepare for it."



Jackey Lee Project Manager

“I love the thrill of events production; it’s like a piece of dance choreography. From the crafting of its concept, the lightings, the sound, the set and the rhythm of execution. Every detail counts.”



Cheryl Chen Copywriter, Designer

“Every event tells a story, and I believe that every story is worthy and precious. I love helping my clients to tell their story in the most effective way possible – through words, through the creative execution of events, and media.”



Lee Mei Kheng  Chief Financial Officer & Consultant

“Lovorth is not a typical company because we are driven by the heart. Lovorth works because the team is genuine, authentic and committed. This commitment to what we do allow clients to grow alongside with us.”



Darren Ho Designer

“I truly know that I am entirely WHOLE. I believe we are only but strokes on painted canvases, and it is my vision to bring life and truth to them.”