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When The Stars Align

Year 2017

A film by Brenda Er, and Jasmine Teh.
Production company: Lovorth Media
Director: Brenda Er

In honouring the invisible heroes (in this case, heroines) of Singapore, When the Stars Align tells of the heartwarming stories of Singapore’s first three women Olympians. The trilogy shares the passion of their athletic achievements and captures the challenges and taboos the octogenarians had to manoeuvre back in the 1950s and 1960s as women in sports, and as pioneers of sporting excellence for Singapore in those days.

Filmmakers Brenda Er and Jasmine Teh pay homage to Tang Pui Wah, Mary Beatrice Klass and Janet Jesudason in this tender yet stirring documentary series, honouring how they inadvertently inspired generations of Singaporeans to pursue their sporting dreams.

Minister Tan Chuan-Jin said, “I am delighted that When the Stars Align is a ground-up initiative spurred by the impact of our athletes’ own stories. This is evident of the kind of bearing our Olympians have on the community.”

“These stories of our past are important for future generations to remember, as there were many before them who paved the way for later generations to succeed.”

The documentary is broadcasted on the Honour Singapore Facebook and Youtube platform, and has garnered 3 million views, 35.3k shares, and 1.5k sentiments.

When the Stars Align: Meet Singapore's first female Olympian, Tang Pui Wah

When The Stars Align Digital Art, by Jasmine Teh

When The Stars Align Digital Art, by Jasmine Teh